Vichy Dercos Kera Solutions Lifeless Ends Hair Serum (40Ml / 1.35Fl Oz)

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Vichy Dercos Kera-Solutions Lifeless Ends Serum is formulated specifically for hair exposed to aggressions that alter its structure and appearance. Due to mechanical, chemical, thermal and UV aggressions, the hair not only dries but also suffers fiber damage. With this in mind, Dercos Kera-Solutions has different concentrations of the Pro-Keratin complex in each product to better meet the specific needs of the hair in each area of the hair fiber. Dercos Kera-Solutions serum is formulated with the highest concentration of Pro-Keratin Complex, ideal for repairing sliding tips. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid that nourishes the hair fiber. This combination makes this serum perfect to use before combing, once it also protects from heat up to 230º;. In fact, studies show that when combined with mask and shampoo, this serum provides 3 times more nutrition, 63% less damage to fiber and 69% less split ends.

Texture: Cream; Hair
Problems: Dryness, Fiber Damage, Split Ends; Application
Time: Before Styling;
Age: 10+; Hair
Type: Dry Hair, Overworked and Damaged Hair;
Main Benefits: Repair Damaged Hair From First Use, Nourishes Fiber capillary, provides thermal protection up to 230º.
Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid intensively moisturizes
hair; 10.7% Pro-Keratin complex repairs damaged hair.
How to use
Apply the Vichy Dercos Kera-Solutions Lifeless Ends Serum to the lengths and tips of the hair after towel drying. Allow the product to absorb and then resume your usual styling routine. For best results, use the Vichy Dercos Kera-Solutions Restoring 2 Minute Mask and the Vichy Dercos Kera-Solutions Resurfacing Shampoo.

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