Revlon Act Natural Gloss Lipstick

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I discovered the lipstick you were waiting for! This lipstick will give you a uniform and high pigmentation color, along with an incredible shine without giving you a sticky feel like other traditional glitters. It looks good and feels delicious. Its formula contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe Extract to take full care of your lips. In addition, we add an exquisite mango and vanilla fragrance to give you an even more irresistible experience. It couldn't be easier to use. The tip shaped applicator is specially designed to deposit the exact amount of product to facilitate a smooth and perfect makeup. Our favorite features: Extremely bright and not sticky. Tip of application: Can be applied alone or on the lips already made up to achieve a juicy effect. A trick: applying lip gloss only to the center of the lip will provide a more volume visual effect.

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