Cethapil Pro Ac Control Foam Cleaning (236Ml / 8.32Fl Oz)

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Facial cleansing foam specially formulated for combination to oily, acne-prone skin.
Who is the consumer of Cetaphil — Dermacontrol facial cleansing foam?
Teens and adults with combination to oily skin, looking for relief and comfort for the skin of their face.
What does Cetaphil — Dermacontrol Face Cleansing Foam propose?
- It is a soap-free foaming solution, ideal for daily cleansing on face, neck and back of oily acne prone skin.
- Formulated with zinc gluconate that regulates sebum and zinc sulfate, which generates a calming effect_X000D_
- Removes dirt, giving a fresh and non-shiny look to the face.
Did you know what?
- It is suitable for skin with acne under active treatment and those who are undergoing long-term maintenance treatment.
- Helps absorb excess sebum from the first cleaning, with an immediate 77% reduction in sebum level.
How to use: Apply daily to damp face. Gently massage and rinse.”

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