Klorane Water Mint Shampoo (200Ml / 6.76Fl Oz)

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This biodegradable shampoo intensively cleanses the scalp, removing impurities and contaminants and maintaining the balance of the scalp. It offers a real sensation of freshness, at the same time of application. Your hair looks clean and shiny. Ideal for natural, dyed or highlighted hair.

Composed of: Essential Extract of Aquatic Peppermint (Anti-pollution Ingredients), Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil (Fresh Effect), Citric Acids and Hydro Sodium (Adjust the PH).

Benefits: Detoxifies the scalp, Removes impurities, Instantly refreshes

How to use: Apply to wet hair, leave for 1 to 2 minutes to promote the penetration of the assets. Rinse with plenty of water.

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