Herbal Essences Styling Cream Bio Renew Morocco Argan Oil (300Ml / 10.14Fl Oz)

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Control Frizz while aligning strands leaving smooth hair
Herbal Essences Argan Oil styling cream is specially inspired by nature to help you on those days when your hair completely lost control, controlling frizz and volume. It contains bio:renew, a blend of active antioxidant, aloe vera and seaweed, as well as Argan oil from Morocco.
With Herbal Essences styling cream your hair will be covered with long-lasting fragrances that will accompany you throughout the day. Benefits:Designed especially for you, control frizz while aligning strands for incredible smoothExperience lush nature-inspired fragrances with citrus tones, exotic species and creamy vanilla. Fragrances that will accompany you all dayOne of the eternal secrets of beauty is oil from the Argan seed of Morocco. Exceptionally rich in natural vitamins and essential oils, often used in hair care as it is known for repairing and nourishing Contains bio:renew, a blend of active antioxidant, aloe vera and seaweed. It has fewer chemicals than you do not want, the Argan Oil collection is a styling cream without dyes or salt*Indications: Place it on wet or dry hair, comb it as you want, and do not rinse it.Warnings:Avoid contact with eyes, stop use if you notice any unfavorable reaction, stay out of reach of children.

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