Gillette Hydra Gel Vitamin E Antiperspirant (82gr / 2.77oz)

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Gillette presents its new antiperspirant in Gels, Hydra Gel. Its formula does not contain Ethyl Alcohol, which helps protect the skin from irritation. The formula is also moisturizing and refreshing, contains Vitamin E and is dermatologically tested, providing 48 hours of invisible protection against sweat and odor. It has a super pleasant aroma and quick drying, with no white spots on the application. Use Gillette Hydra Gel in the morning, before getting ready for your daily routine - Use 3 turns per armpit and wait for the product to dry before getting ready to be protected all day. Try the new Gillette Hydra Gel, which will surprise you as it is effective against sweat and odor and is also gentle on your skin.

48 hours of protection against sweat and odor
Dermatologically tested
Does not stain clothes in the application Transparent
application Transparent

Remove the seal safety, turn the disc until a small amount of product appears, apply daily, only in the armpits, keep the container tightly closed.

Use only in the indicated areas and according to the instructions, do not apply to irritated or injured skin, discontinue use in case of irritation, redness, itching or discomfort, keep out of reach of children.

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