Bioderma Facial Sunscreen Max Aquafluid Cream Dye Spf 50+ (40Ml / 1.35Fl Oz)

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It offers a very high anti-gloss protection UVA /UVB Pleasant
application thanks to a fluid texture as light as water. Dry
Ideal for all skin types, even oily skin, sensitive or intolerant to all types of sunlight, very light skin with freckles, skin exposed to maximum sunlight.
formula: non-greasy texture
Good skin tolerance.
How to use: Multiple times/day - During the sun exposure period.

Apply before exposure evenly and generously (a small amount of product reduces the level of sun protection).
Repeat the application frequently before and after each bath, drying or sports activity. Infants and toddlers should
not be exposed to the sun.

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