Dove Nutrition Factor Treatment Mask 80 (300Gr / 10.58Oz)

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A treatment mask with a powerful concentrate of regenerating active ingredients that deeply nourish the hair fiber by activating the internal regeneration process of the hair.* *Strengthens the internal structure of the hair with regular use of Dove Extreme Regeneration shampoo and conditioner, compared to shampoo without ingredients conditioners.

• For extremely damaged hair that exceeded the point of no return.

• Concentrate with active regeneration ingredients

• Providly nourishes, activating the natural process of hair regeneration.

• Makes damaged hair feel smoother, helps detangle it and improves its docility
Designed for women who possess extremely damaged hair who have experienced chemical cutting and are looking for a product that brings their hair
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After washing, apply generously to the hair from the middle to the ends, avoiding the roots. Massage. Let it act for 1 minute. Rinse abundantly.

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