Cepage Capillaire Max Lotion Anti Fall Lotion (120Ml / 4.05Fl Oz)

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Adjuvant in the treatment of hair loss. Leave-in spray Benefits: Formula that stimulates hair growth, while restoring its
structure, providing strength and resistance to the hair fiber. Aminexil 2%: Anti-hair loss component. Restores hair follicles and spreads collagen from the root, facilitating anchoring in the scalp. Promotes strong and resilient fibres Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5),
Arginine: Stimulates hair growth. They promote the supply of
nutrients. They give hair shine and health. They work at the cellular level from
the bulb to fiber, achieving an in-depth restructuring.
They act on the scalp and hair structure, promoting
healthy and strong growth. How to use: Everyday product. Apply to the scalp once a day. Gently massage with your fingertips. Do not rinse. It doesn't leave oily film. It is recommended for use on
wet, freshly washed hair. Supplement the treatment with shampoo treatment CÉPAGE Anti-hair loss shampoo. Assets: Aminexil 2% Calcium
Arginine 1% General: hypoallergenic
Clinically and dermatologically tested Needs: Hair Care

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