Biferdil Balsamo Flax Seed Oil (200Ml / 6.76Fl Oz)

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For brittle and battered hair. When the hair structure is damaged, the cuticle scales open and the cortex fibers are exposed to various aggressions. Hair tangles easily, becomes weak, brittle and loses softness and shine. Flax Seed Oil is rich in nutrients and recognized for its softening and restructuring capacity. Contains linoleic and linolenic acid. Both are essential fatty acids found in oils and plants, especially and in greater concentration in flax seed. They inhibit the alpha-reducing enzyme 5 found in the scalp, which is the main cause of brittle hair. In addition, these acids are the vehicle of Provitamin A, vitamin D, E and various minerals, and this combination has a strong antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating action. Flax seeds have between 30 and 40% of their weight in oil. Contains lipids that lubricate and seal the scales of the hair. In addition, they are the richest source of essential fatty acids of type OMEGA 3 (a powerful antioxidant). The perfect combination of these assets manages to moisturize and repair the hair, so that it looks healthy and strong.

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