Biferdil Balm Conditioner Chamomile Extract Light Hair (200Ml / 6.76Fl Oz)

Precio de venta$5.18


For blondes or almost blondes who want to maintain and enhance their natural tone, we created this line composed of shampoo and balsam with natural chamomile extract, without chemical additions, with progressive action, which cares for and preserves the natural clearing of blond and light brown hair, providing faint golden reflections. Chamomile (chamomile) has decongestant and softening properties, and with frequent use it progressively lightens the hair, in addition to giving natural shine. Balsam with Chamomile Extract. Softens and protects, taking care of the natural blonde of the hair, giving dim golden reflections. Complements the action of the Champ with Manzanilla.

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