Dove Antiperspirant Invisible Dry Roll On (50Ml / 1.69Fl Oz)

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We all spend a lot of time in the routine of caring for our skin and hair but it's easy to forget about the armpits. Dove Antiperspirant arrived so you can feel free to do what you like without sweating and avoiding the bad odors caused by sweat.
Do you love to wear bright colors but don't want to have white spots on your clothes? Dove Invisible Dry antiperspirant is what you need! Its formula was specially designed to reduce white spots on your clothes, reducing residue left by a normal antiperspirant. In fact, it's proven to leave no white spots in 100 colors, giving you the freedom to express yourself in lots of colors, not just black and white. Forget the white spots! The best antiperspirants are those that keep you dry and at the same time take care of the delicate skin of your underarms. Our Dove deodorant contains 1/4 moisturizing cream combined with an alcohol-free formula to nourish the delicate skin of your underarms, helping it recover from irritation.
Like all our deodorants, Dove has a delicate scent that helps keep you fresh and clean all day long.
Dove antiperspirant not only protects you but also keeps your clothes stain free.

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