Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Real White Toothpaste (110Gr / 3.81Oz)

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Colgate Sensitive Pro Alivio toothpaste with Pro-Argin™ Technology is the first toothpaste that is clinically proven to provide immediate and lasting relief of tooth hypersensitivity

- Instant and lasting relief of sensitivity, with direct application, massaging each sensitive tooth for 1 minute
- Exclusive Pro-Argin™ technology: with Arginine and Calcium Carbonate, a new breakthrough in the relief of dental hypersensitivity, based on a natural tubule occlusion process, which helps block the painful impulse by providing instant and lasting relief
- With regular use, a long-lasting barrier is created that acts as a protective shield against dental sensitivity
- Clinically Proven x000D_
- Less abrasive and more effective formula for removing stains on teeth
- Helps restore natural whits

Use: Brush your teeth properly after each meal, three times a day for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly after each brush

Precautions: Tooth sensitivity may indicate a serious problem requiring the supervision of a dentist. If symptoms do not go away within four weeks, stop using them and seek the guidance of a professional. Do not ingest. Product without therapeutic action

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